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…. or was it inbound with the outlaws? Who cares! After a long night of driving 800km in a natural light show (= heavy thunderstorms) we arrived in lower saxony (sounds much much more sexy than “Grossburgwedel”)  at 6:15 am. Grossburgwedel, also known as the home of walking frames, presented itself quite and deserted – in other words “dead”. A fantastic welcome breakfast awaited us at the Hoppenstedt mansion – home of the in-laws. Joiz explored the garden and lake and instantly felt at home. What was supposed to become the hottest day of the year turned out to become a humid and moderate temperature day. We didn’t mind. Peter presented himself as a perfect bait for mosquitos which made him look like being infected with smallpox in the evening. He hated the little suckers.

Joiz @ the lake

Joiz @ the lake



The evening, however rewarded us, besides a Schnitzel @ Heinrichs, with a fabulous sunset accompanied by red wine and cheese. We survived our first night in the roofttop tent (in the driveway) without being attacked by wild animals or fierce neighbors. We’re ready for more heading to Puttgarden today 🙂


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