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I know it’s quite some time since the last post, but it’s a good sign if you feel so relaxed that even blogging can wait :).
Monday it was time to leave Gotland or in other words – time to see some more of Sweden. Since we’ve only explored the southern half of the island and the ferry wouldn’t leave until 1:00 am on Tuesday morning we had the full day ahead of us for driving north to the peninsula of Farö. On Farö it’s a must to see the lighthouse on the northern tip (did that), take a walk on the pebble beache (did that too) and visit Tati’s Crepes (yes, indeed!). Tati’s is a strange place surrounded by old rusty cars, motorcycles and signs all adding up to create a special atmosphere.

crossing to Farö

crossing to Farö

Lighthouse at Farö

Lighthouse at Farö


Tati’s Crepes on Farö


Tati’s Crepes on Farö


Tati’s Crepes on Farö


Tati’s Crepes on Farö


Tati’s Crepes on Farö

Tati's Crepes on Farö

Tati’s Crepes on Farö

Visby was having its annual medieval week which brought the whole city back to the middle ages with locals and visitors dressing up in medieval costumes. The whole event is accompanied by a  market with musicians, magicians and everything else that you can think of and that relates to those times. I’m not sure if they really had Döner back than but you could get a “medieval Döner” which tasted better (and at a fraction of the cost) than the ones we get in Zürich.

Mediaval market in Visby

Mediaval market in Visby

Mediaval market in Visby

Mediaval market in Visby

Mediaval dog in Visby

Mediaval dog in Visby

Since we had some time to kill until the ferry would leave we found us a  place on the beachwalk and witnessed one of the most fabulous sundowns we’ve ever seen. The day ended in an explosion of lights and colors.
We unboarded the ferry at 4:05 am in the morning and arrived in Stockholm at approx. 5:30. Urban warriors are fueled by coffee – and with this I mean the real stuff. Try to get some of that a 6:00 am on a Tuesday morning. Thanks to a 7eleven, which was the only place open at this time, we got some tasty Cappucino and fresh muffins. What a great way to start the day.

After we had found a campground for motorhomes (underneath a bridge but real close to the city center) we got us 24hour ticket for public transportation and went to see some old friends now living in Stockholm. Thanks Jeanette and Jakob for being such great hosts and showing us the beauty of Stockholm. We even managed to stock up on our outdoor clothing and refresh our supply of camping gas which will be useful for the next 10 days continuing further north and into Norway.


“Campground” in Stockholm


Royal Dog of Stockholm


Stockholm – Old Town


Stockholm Old Town


Stockholm at 5:30 am

We left on Wednesday morning to drive to Särna about 560 KM north east of Stockholm and not far from the Norwegian border. As the forecast for the next 2-3 days is calling for some rainfall and low temperatures we decided to book a log cabin on the campground. The drive was spectacular forest, rivers, lakes, more lakes, more forest, more rivers. We drove for hours being almost the only car not the road and even managed to see our first elk crossing the road in front of us. We were so surprised we couldn’t get the camera out fast enough.


on our way to Särna


“Apero” at the log cabin in Särna


Home of the “Dalarna Horse”


Making of the “Dalarna Horse”


our log cabin in Särna

The next 2 days ww’ll spend with hiking in the national park and if the weather permits, plan on a canoe tour of the lake and river.
Life is great!

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