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We’re getting closer to the day we’ll leave the European continent and continue our travel on the African side. We really loved staying with Rachel and Clayton and their friendly staff at the Casona Granado. It’s definitely a place that we will come back to. On Thursday we explored Sorbar, a little village on the edge of a canyon. It was market day and the village center was filled with people. With all the shopping centers and huge supermarkets we forgot how important markets are for the people that do not have the convenience of being close to a big city. On these markets you can buy anything from fresh vegetables, fish and meat to clothes, shoes and household items. We sat down in a cafe on the central market place and just watched the scene, enjoying a „cafe con leche“. On our last day in El Pilar we followed Clayton’s recommendation and booked a dessert tour in the Tabernas dessert. The 3 of us plus Kevin and Mara met in Tabernas to start the tour.  Christine, our tour guide provided lots of information on why this is the only true European desert, how it developed and pointed out the different areas of the desert as we passed thru them. The Tabernas desert is the place in which a lot movies were shot, including  „Lawrence of Arabia“, the „Italo Western*,  *Game of Thrones and many others. The different landscapes of the desert make it easy to image a scene in Egypt, Africa or Afghanistan.

From El Pilar we drove straight to a campground near Tarifa, a campground which we first visited on hour honeymoon over 15 years ago. It’s feels good to be back in our rooftop tent and to be able to cook again in the open. We’ll rest here for a couple of days before taking the ferry to Tanger, the city which lights we can already see in the evening.

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