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During the last 7 months we never spent much time at one location, I mean that’s what exploring is all about. For almost 3 weeks we are now in St. Quentin-la-Poterie and swapped our rooftop tent for a quite luxurious little pool house. Uzes which is only 6 Kms away meets every cliché of a southern French village. It’s markets are lively and colorful and the presented goods make you wanna go home pop a bottle of wine and start cooking. Everything seems laid back and peaceful. It’s the special light at any time of the day and the intensive smell of pine trees and fresh herbs after the evening thunderstorm that make this region so special. We can feel how this is changing us as well. We spent the days running, swimming, Yoga (for Camilla), biking and hiking. The nearby Gorges de Gardon offer untouched nature in a great setting. It’s the kind of place that offers the perfect combination of outdoor activities coupled with doing nothing and/or enjoying great food and wine.

Why are so many people moving to the big(ger) cities paying a lot of money for housing and fresh foods if it as available in places like this? Technology already makes it easy for many jobs to be done from anywhere. All it takes is the availability of decent internet connections. In the future we’d rather live in a place like this than a big city. But this is still a long(er) way down the road. In the coming weeks we’ll be to Switzerland and Germany before continuing further east. At least that’s the bigger plan. It will all depend on the weather. If the summer turns out to be a good one (meaning less rain and more sunshine) we’d like to explore Poland, Romania, Estonia and Latvia. But this means that our „quiet days“ are coming to an end and adventure is knocking on our door again. We love both.


One Life. Live It!

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