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Hi it’s me again, Joiz.

Based on the feedback received, my pack decided that I’ll be blogging the upcoming trip.

YES, they can. I’m not sure what has hit these guys (Camilla & Peter), to go back to Scandinavia again. Maybe it was the rather lousy pre-summer of 2014 which caused frequent changes of the plan. Well, last year we ended up in Croatia rather than Portugal. But at least it was dry most of the time, something not guaranteed where we’ll be heading this year.

Peter has done some work on the Land Rover to make life a bit less miserable for me. New cage, darkened windows, improved ventilation. Still no mini-snack-bar in the cage, but I’m working on it. In 2013 the trip ended approx. 750Km nortwest of Stockholm. This year it will be the polar circle. As I’ve already been freezing my butt off last time, I don’t wanna think about how it will be this year.  Camilla keeps telling me to give up my negative attitude towards cooler temperatures. Easier said than done!

My new home

I demanded extra food rations and soft, fluffy towels to be packed. Guess that will work. As long as there will be enough squirrels to chase I can handle it.

Stay tuned for my updated reports and be alert to start the Facebook group “Fly Joiz to Spain”  in case I’ll need it.


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