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… well not really.

Actually, it’s been pretty good so far. The weather has been nice – well, kind of. The Black Forest looked more like the Rain Forest on Saturday morning and Freudenstadt (which translates into City of Joy) was everything BUT joyful. It rained cats and dogs. The dogs however must have taken a day off, ’cause I didn’t see any of them.

1st stop Freudenstadt

1st stop Freudenstadt

It was a really relaxed start into the weekend. From Freudenstadt to Oestrich-Winkel (who comes up with names like that?). A birthday party with 100 people in a winery (note to Peter & Camilla: I will turn 4 in October), lots of wine for the guests and breadcrumbs to lick off the floor for me.

hell of a party in Oestrich-Winkel

hell of a party in Oestrich-Winkel

The best part was actually the sunday morning when I managed to chase some f..king ducks into the Rhine river. They didn’t play fair and flew away as soon as I got too close. Peter was yelling something like “come here”, which I gracefully ignored. To keep him happy, I did as expected after some time.

This incident was followed by an extended drive to Burgwedel to see Camilla’s parents. Don’t know what they are to me (grandparents?), but they are very nice and even gave me some (leftover) steaks. Damn good. I’ll stop by on the way back.

Another day another place. Monday was Denmark, a nice place called Faksen and now we are in Tvaaker, Sweden. The beach here is mind-blowing and the weather suits me perfectly. Sunny, not to hot, with a light breeze. Love it.

cozy in Faksen

cozy in Faksen



Tomorrow we’ll continue further north to Fjällbakka and then on to Norway. But I’ll tell you all about it when we get there.

Keep it up, Joiz

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