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Hi my name is Joiz and I’m the dog exploring Europe with my pack. From time to time I take the freedom to express my findings and opinion in this blog.

After a great time in Croatia my pack decided to go and see Sarajevo. Not that I get asked. The 6 hours ride from Fazana/Croatia to Sarajevo started off very comfortable (for me in my doggy box in the back of the Defender) but got pretty rough once we entered Bosnia. Peter loved to ride those unpaved roads in the mountains but it made me sick. Bumpy, winding roads are really not my thing. We finally arrived at “Sarajevo Camping” a campground at the outskirts of Sarajevo. They do have some really mean cats around here. They are totally disrespectful, ignoring my presence and behaving as if there is no dog around. I wanted to teach them respect but unfortunately I was not allowed to and they kept me on a leash the whole time.

The next day the owner of the campground drove us to Sarajevo to visit Rosi, a friend of Camilla’s parents. Rosi, offered to be our tour guide to the city and show us around. The weather which started off pretty hazy in the morning had cleared up and it was sunny by the time we reached the city. From the top the city really looks impressive. Taking a closer look a the buildings you could still see the damage of the war. In some of the buildings you could even see where they had been hit by grenades. As a dog, I don’t get this. I have no problem with other dogs, no matter where they come from. By the way, there are a number of free roaming dogs in the city and they didn’t seem to be unhappy (unlike a lot of human beings that I’ve encountered in Zurich).  We had a great time in the old city but even there cats don’t respect dogs. They came walking up to me as if we were friends. After I loudly expressed my disagreement with this kind of attitude I was asked to shut up and ignore them. How can you ignore a cat? After all I’m a dog.

But take a look a the pictures and see for your yourself what a lovely city Sarajevo is.

For all the girls and a lot of woman I was the super cute dog and almost every five minutes someone tried to cuddle me …


Its a hard, hard life, really. And I enjoy it.

From Sarajevo we continued south entering Montenegro and on to Albania. I’m now in Tirana and will get back with my views soon.


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