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We left Venice with the feeling that we’ll definitely return (… maybe on the way back). It’s already been a couple of days since my last post and I’m getting more and more familiar with our situation. It’s kind of cool to wake up without getting the urge to check emails or think about what to do first. Our original ideas was to go from Venice to Starigrad, which is approx. 120 Km north of Split. While driving we figured that this was to ambitious and that it makes more sense to make better use of the afternoon. This in mind we pulled of the highway and headed for Fazana, as small village on the coast just north of Pula. The campground, designed to give place for 5.000 people (3 swimming pools, bunch of restaurants, etc.) was about to close in 2 weeks and therefore had space in abundance.

Fazana, is a great little village with a number of seafood restaurants and cafes. Enjoying a perfect sunset dinner in one the restaurants we decided to stay for 2 nights and go on boat trip  on the next day.

The archipelago of Brijuni is an extraordinary blend of natural, historical and cultural heritage. The mild climate and the favourable geographical conditions, deep retracted bays and easily defendable elevated fortifications, have secured a continuum in the human activity on the island from a pre-historic age until the present day. On a relatively small archipelago, of an area of around 7km2, have been registered some hundred sites and buildings of archaeological and cultural-historical value and which comprise the period from the first Neolithic settlements, the dugouts in the bay of Soline, until the creation of an elite summer and health resort at the beginning of the last century and the presidential residency visited by statesmen from one third of the world’s countries in its 25 years of existence (1954-1979). Ok, so much for the history.





Boat trip

The boat trip, by the way was really nice, unfortunately we did not get a chance to enter one of the islands. Back in the camp my first repair job awaited me. One of  the Defender’s rear doors didn’t lock (using the auto-lock) due to a broken cable. This is one the things that make you wonder what QA-program (if any) was used in building this car. With some help of the campground reception I could find the site electrician (which was actually working on sunday) and managed to get a suitable wire to fix the electrical problem. I hope it will last some time, but the design of the cable routing is not meant to last long.

Wine …

and fun in Starigrad

Starigrad sunset

Now it’s Tuesday and after a 6 hours drive we just arrived in Sarajevo, which we will explore tomorrow before we’ll continue our adventure.


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