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It’s only the 4th day into our „new life“ and it feels like being on a holiday. Even though we know that this time its different, our brains are still locked in on our previous life. It’s really tough not to have a plan. We’re trying hard to let go and let things happen to us. Sometimes it works but it requires active „steering“.

Just 2 days after our start we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and we figured that Venice would be the right place for it. I’ve never been to Venice, so this was the opportunity. The campground that we wanted to go to was already closed so few picked one in Punta Sabbioni, which turned out to be much closer to the ferry to Venice. Sometimes things just happen to come out right.

Venice is fantastic. I’m so glad we went there early in the morning before the horde or tourists occupy the city (note to myself: I’m one of them). We spent a good part of the day taking a gondola tour and walking the city. Venice is an excellent example of how attractive, lively and interesting cities used to be. Narrow alleys lead to gorgeous plazas. Not one house looks like the other but they all form a harmonic ensemble. Looking at some of the „new developments“ in our cities which are unified, symmetrical blocks of concrete and glas buildings, you know what I mean. Despite it’s problems with raising flood waters and too many visitors, you still find those quite, authentic spots which reflect the Italian life-style.

To make it short – I fell in love with this city.




Joiz enjoys the ride

Gondola detail


In the afternoon we took the ferry to Burana, a small island in the lagoon. The village with its colorful houses in blue, red, green, yellow and pink is in direct contrast to Venice but very lovely. Small canals throughout the village give it almost a „Disney-like“ looks. But here its real and serves a purpose. We finished the day with a dinner in small restaurant ( Riva Rosa, with great food and excellent service.

Tomorrow we’ll continue our journey further south to Croatia and then on to Albania. We’re excited to see what we’re going to experience next.

One comment on “VENICE

  1. Kalispera adventurers, wow I’m deeply impressed. Deep bow! Can only imagine how it feels to reduce your belongings (reducing only from 3,5 to a 1,5 room apart this week). And yes, transition is a process and not happening from one day to another. Your mind, your routines, your roles, your relationships, your resources(!!!) they all call for adjustment and adjusment needs time. When my clients ask me how much time it needs I tell them what I tell you: it’s individual. Going with the flow, not know what and where is your tomorrow it takes time – as it will when you eventually settle down again 😉 Thank you for sharing your adventure. I’ll be observing and learning from and with you. In case you are interested in following friends of mine who do a similar (not same) project, here is their FB page Take care and thank you for having us!

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