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It’s now 5 1/2 weeks since we started our „new life“ and 2 weeks that we’ve arrived in Berlin and we enjoy every minute of it. In the beginning it „just“ felt like being on vacation but now it’s different. We are getting more relaxed and don’t try to do or see things immediately. The certainty that we are under no time pressure is something new and fantastic. We enjoy the things that we are doing a lot more because we can. We can stroll down the streets and take our time to explore the city or just enter a cafe or bistro and lose ourselves in conversations with people we just met (like at Pesto Dealer ). Thanks to 2 tickets by our friend we went to see Caligula (from Camus), performed by the Berliner Ensemble. It was a very modern interpretation on the abuse of power and the weakness of humans when it comes to take a stand. Looking at the behavior of Trump and „his“ conservative party in the US, shows that things haven’t changed.

We probably going to stay for another 2 weeks before we’ll start our escape from the cold to the more moderate temperatures of the south. Berlin still has so much more to discover and we are eager to find out what.

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