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Yes, it’s me again. I am a bit lazy and I like it. The weather is really good since we are in Berlin and the first week of November was great, no fog, only a little rain so far and every day the sun is shining at least for an hour. But it got colder and I feel the winter coming in every bone. I need more sleep and have issues getting up in the morning when it is still dark outside. In the afternoon I like to chill on my pillow bed and do nothing before I go to sleep.

Since 10 days I am a so called ‚Berliner’. No, don’t get me wrong: not one of these fluffy German pastries with powder sugar on top and jam filling inside. And I am definitely not the reincarnation of John F. Kennedy. But who knows?

What I mean is that I am registered at the tax authorities of Berlin Charlottenburg and Camilla got me this orange tag to prove that some human being living in Berlin is paying taxes for me. Camilla fixed the tag on my dog harness and said to me “now you are a Berlin dog”.

Joiz Berlin Plakette

I was really irritated. First because it seemed that the people at the tax authorities refused to have real evidence of my existence. They just believed it. Okay, why should they have a talk with me , see me or cuddle me? Who in the world would be so stupid to pay taxes for something not existing – unfortunately legally they still classify animals as things. A dog is a dog is a thing even if it could be the reincarnation of a dead but formerly famous human being.

And second: how can I be a Berliner? I’m born in Switzerland (Stäfa) and lived most of my life in Winterthur and Zürich – so I will always be a Swiss dog. I’m made in Switzerland and this tag won’t change my feelings about my origin. But I have to admit it is kind of cool to wear the tag especially as it fits perfectly to my new Gordi Berlin harness and collar.

I like Berlin. Really. We stay in an amazing spacious apartment. Our host likes me a lot and I get my cuddles when I want to. Most of the Berlin city dogs are very cute and cool, I met a lot dogs since we are here. There are for example two young dachshunds around the corner and Bruno at Gordis Berlin – he can be a bit annoying but I like him – he reminds me a bit of Ruby my first love in Winterthur. I have not met a Dobermann or a Galgo yet, so no competition to Nora and Yuri. But there will never be any competition for these beautiful souls. I miss my Swiss girls a lot, especially Yuri who I saw almost every day in Winterthur until we have left in September. She will always be in my heard. Sometimes I dream running around with Ruby, Nora, Rea and Yurita on a huge green mountain field – like in Val Mustair – with trees around and scattered field flowers on a warm summer afternoon … fantastic.

One comment on “Now I’m a “Berliner Schnauze”

  1. Ruby says:

    Dear Joiz

    I’m really glad to hear that you’re doing fine and everybody treats you well. I just turned 8 year a week ago, so even I’m now a lady dog, some people still say I behave like I’m a puppy – I don’t care!

    I miss you too and I wish you a great further journey and take good care about your two-lagged family members. Let me know when you are back in town so we can go for a run.

    Always yours

    PS. The Gordi Berlin items look very nice and good!!

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