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We’re in Morocco for almost 6 weeks now. We travelled from North to South (Tanger to Tan Tan) and from West to East (Guilmim to M’hamid). We’ve been at the coast and the desert … and we enjoyed every minute. Morocco is beautiful and the population is friendly, open and very helpful. We got accustomed to buying in the small shops which offer everything from soap to vegetables and from argan oil to prepaid phone cards. All on a couple of square meters. We’ve met fellow travelers that took the decision to escape from their previous lives and are open to indulge in the Moroccan culture. We also see many people with giant camping cars bringing all their food with them from home and who see Morocco only from the inside of their comfortable motor homes. For them it must be like watching TV while staying incapsulated in the safety of their huge white rolling shoeboxes. We feel sorry for them as they miss out on a great opportunity to experience this great country.

We  already experience (positive) changes in our lives. We spent more time talking to each other and look at our our previous live from a different perspective. Traveling the way we do right now shows how little we need to be happy. The little we have is still a lot more than what most Moroccans have (and they seem happy). We regard the time to do things together and not being forced into a rigid schedule as pure luxury.

According to the news, this is one of the coldest winters in history. Yesterday it snowed in Ouarzazate for the first time in 50 years and now the coastline (which is also experiencing colder than normal weather) is filling up with campers fleeing from inland. Today it’s raining for the first time since we arrived but it shouldn’t last long.
In Zagora, Ali Hassan and his team, all experienced mechanics, fixed our transmission oil leak and installed new and stronger springs, elevating the rear of our car by another 4-5 cm. Now we have enough clearance even for the toughest roads. M’hamid, the last village before the endless Sahara desert was disappointing. The campground, once really nice, was run down and the dusty village is occupied by num erous agents offering desert tours by either camel or 4×4.

As the temperatures dropped from 27 degrees to 10 degrees during the day and from 13 degrees to below zero at night, we decided in time to head back to the coast passing through Ouarzazate and along the high Atlas mountains. The views are breathtaking and the scenery changes with every curve of the road.

Now we are back near Agadir and wait what the weather is going to be like before deciding on were to go next.

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