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After 2 weeks of staying in a solid building (and enjoying the luxury of having a private bathroom) we were back in our rooftop tent and on the way to Stadtoldendorf to attend the Rooftop Nomads Festival (Dachzelt Festival 2018). Despite a cold front that moved in bringing lots of rain, the festival was a big success. Trying to live a more sustainable life by creating less waste we attended the workshop on Zero Waste by Sarah and Manu (Leben auf Achsen). Apart from learning how to make our own, environment friendly detergents, we got a lot of information on how to avoid waste, products we shouldn’t use and how to act as a good example for others. Thank you Sarah and Manu for this great workshop.

One of products that really impressed us (and that we are now using) is Denttabs. These tablets are a replacement for toothpaste (which always contains micro plastic) and do not contain any chemicals. They require little space and are used in the same way as tooth paste. Our field test turns out very successful and we will no longer use anything else.

Leaving the Dachzelt Festival we spent some days with good friends in Hamburg and took the opportunity to visit Glückstadt (nice), Itzehoe  (not so nice) and Buxtehude (very nice) and are now staying at the Stove Strand Campground right on the banks of the Elbe River. This is one of the nicest campgrounds that we’ve stayed at. Very friendly staff combined with clean facilities and a great location make this place exceptional.  In the meantime the temperature rose to comfortable 24 degrees (Celsius) and is going to stay that way for the next couple of days. We are now looking forward to attend the wedding of Camilla’s younger sister this weekend before we’ll continue our adventure towards Poland and Latvia.

One Life. Live It!

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