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… as usual the photo gallery is at the end of the post 🙂

Weddings are great, especially when celebrated in good weather and attended by nice people. Both statements were true for the wedding of Camilla’s younger sister and Hakan our new brother-in-law . The location (Seefugium), which looked like la set from „The Bachelor“, was the perfect place to celebrate (= party) and dance till the sun came up. Our plan to continue to Poland and Latvia included a stop in Berlin so we took off on Monday heading for a campground in Potsdam. The  campground of our choice (Sanssouci)was located right on the lake just south of Potsdam near Caputh. We explored Potsdam and took the train (only 25 Minutes) to Berlin Mitte to pick up Camilla’s new drivers license. Joiz didn’t like the heat too much and we had to drag him along at the end of the day. The weather was still nice something that could not be said about the forecast. Decreasing temperatures and increasing rain fall throughout the north eastern region called for a change of plan. We dropped the idea of going east after we discovered that the Adventure Southside Festival in Eigeltingen (close to Singen) was up for the weekend. After one with Uwe (a friend that we met on our trip in Morocco) and a night with the in-laws in Burgwedel we headed to the Harz region. While passing Erfurt on the Autobahn Matschig Mike (our Defender) decided that is was time for another piggyback ride on the tow truck again. Same story (loss of cooling fluid), same result (visit of the local Landrover dealership). At least Mike brakes down close to cities with an authorized dealership. After 2 hours at the garage we could continue our journey to Bamberg. So far every mechanic was only fixing the results rather than investigating the root of the problem. After 2 nights in Bamberg (beautiful city and great campground on the Pegnitz river) we arrived in Eigeltingen on Thursday afternoon and found a really nice spot not far from a couple we had met in Morocco. While we were there I was getting in touch with Anna (our mechanic of choice) from 4×4 Manufaktur to discuss our repeating car problem. It didn’t take long and she identified two potential causes, both of which turned out to be true. Our radiator has lost some a good share of its cooling fins and the visco element controlling the large fan seems damaged. These causes result in a reduced cooling the must have been the root our recent problems. Tomorrow we’ll have all this fixed and after some administrational business we will hopefully be able to continue our journey on Wednesday of Thursday.

The „next big thing“ will be my move to Germany and Mike’s import and registration. But that’s going to be another story.

One Life. Live It!

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