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The more you plan, the more you get hit by surprise. Our plan to leave Switzerland on Wednesday (18-July) for Germany was sabotaged my Matschig Mike halfway between Winterthur and Sankt Gallen. It looked like Mike had fallen in love with 4×4 Manufaktur and wanted to return one more time. A(another) loss of cooling fluid on the highway, another call to Anna from 4×4 Manufaktur and we were on our way back to Dürnten. This time we learned that the cylinder head was the problem that (most likely) had caused all other failures before. We were very lucky that Anna and her team offered to squeeze the repair into their fully booked schedule. They even offered us a car so that we didn’t stay grounded on the nearby campground. We used those newly gained days in Switzerland to meet with old friends and relax on the beautiful campground in Saland. We met with Marco in Rapperswil, Christina in Saland, Christoph in Winterthur, Pascale & Adrian in Neftenbach,Gordon in Volketswil and Raphael in Ossingen.

Mike is now running again and we are finally on our way to Romania. It’s been a back and forth on where to go. Our plans went from France to Italy to Croatia and back to our original idea – Romania. After a quick stop at our friends place in Rosenheim we are now in Grosslobming/Austria. We like this place on a small lake so much that we decided to extend our stay before we’ll continue to Hungary and than on to Romania. But who knows (just go back to the first sentence).


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