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Waking up in the morning feeling great, with no pressure, no business meetings or conference calls waiting, being able to travel free and without limits – that’s freedom to us.

We’re now heading east. When we left Rosenheim, our original plan was to reach Romania within 2 days. But our first stop in Grosslobming turned out to be so nice that we stayed for 3 days instead of 1.

We spent the time swimming in the lake, talking to our neighbors and having a BBQ in the evening.  It was perfect! The absence of a fixed time schedule makes life so much easier. You stay longer where you like it and carry on where you don’t. Our next stop was Moravske Toplice in Serbia. Morvaske is a large Aquapark (with thermal water) in combination with a large hotel and bungalow park, a golf course and a campground. 80% of the campground is occupied by permanent campers but we were lucky to catch a place reserved for tents ( no electricity). Besides a mobile camper we were the only ones there. Waking up early the next morning we left for Pécs about 260Km north east. We’d abandoned our original plan to take the southern route to Romania via Croatia and Serbia and decided to „shortcut“ via Hungary. Rolling along secondary roads with little traffic we roamed though the beautiful countryside and its picturesque villages. The city camping in Pécs didn’t excite us (… actually we didn’t even see it. I just disliked the access being next to a Lidl market). The next campground in Orfü on lake Pécsi-to was only 17 Kms away. As it is in the middle of the holiday season we feared that the place would be totally crowded, given its location on the lake. It turned out to be the opposite. We could freely choose our spot and the campground was almost deserted. A huge area  on the hill overlooking the lake spreading the charm of the former socialism.

We went swimming in the lake and enjoyed the warm and comfortable evening outside. Leaving early on Tuesday morning we took a stroll through Pécs when the city was just waking up. The Cappuccino at Cafe Frei was delicious not to mention the chocolate Croissant. Another 190 Kms east we are now in Balastya at a very small family run campground close to the Romanian border. Wolfgang and Ulricke, a German couple own this place for 30 years and created a small paradise. There’s a good chance that we will be staying longer than planned.

One Life. Live It!

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