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Woohooo, we celebrated the 2nd New Year of our journey. In 2017 we spend the last day of the year at the Camping de la Vallée near Abaynou with a group of french campers and some renegades from the UK, Norway and France. This time we spend New Years Eve in Agio Fotia with good friends from Ingoldstadt that we met during our stay at Bassiviere in France. Melli and Ralph took the trip from Germany to join us for a great week of relaxing, hiking, laughing, eating, talking, watching the open fire and playing Skip-Bo. Joiz was very happy for the absence of fireworks and we stood on the roof terrace of our rented home to watch the stars and the glowing lights of Sitia in the distance. The weather was not as nice as in Morocco with light rain starting soon after midnight.

We spend the first week of the new year hiking along the coast of Vai Beach, exploring the cave of Pelekita near Kato Zakros and discovered an abandoned missile station near Krioneri. We had a fantastic breakfast/brunch at the Du Lac Cafe Bar in Agios Nikolaos and a great dinner with Lefteris and Kate at the Inodion in Sitia. The first week of 2019 just flew by and our friends had to return today. We are already 6 weeks in Sitia which means that 50% our planned stay has already passed. What are we going to do next? To be honest, we don’t know. We feel no urge to return to Germany in March and we ask ourselves if we should go back at all. Life offers so many options and to be frank – I’d rather spend the time in a country with lots of sunshine and warm weather. Checking the current weather report in Germany (cold, snowy in the south, rainy in the north) doesn’t provide much of a motivation to return.

Joiz and the hare

Yesterday, after our exploration of the abandoned missile base, Joiz was challenged by a hare. The little guy waited until Joiz was close and started a downhill race followed by our courageous dog. The ground, covered by brush-wood and sharp-edged stones was anything but ideal for a race. Joiz gave up but returned with sore paws (yep, all 4 of them) and could hardly walk. He spent the rest of day lying down and had to be carried out to pee. We feel sorry for him but we don’t think that he’s learned anything out of this experience but we’ll see.

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For now we take care of him, carry him outside to pee and hope that he’ll be back on his paws again soon.

The weather outlook for the next of couple of days predicts warmer temperatures and some light showers. Camilla is flying to Germany for a couple of days to see her family and I will take care of our „huntsman“ 🙂

Life is Great.

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