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Not Austin but Crete. After our 3 months in Sitia we zig zagged from east to south to north to south and finally southwest. Creta has so much to offer. The landscape is constantly changing a hit „your typical tourist place“ as well a villages that tourism has not yet discovered. The bumpier the road, the less tourists can be found. After Agia Galini we stayed a couple of days in Rethymno just enough to experience the last day of the carnival. Rethymno, despite being a tourist place has a pleasant charme. On our fist night we found a great restaurant in the old city (1600 raki ba raki) and walked off some of the calories on the 4.5 Km way home. Rethymno can also be noted as the second place in the last 18 months that found us spending the afternoon & evening in the car because of heavy rainfall, dusty winds and low temperatures. I could even imagine myself continuing in a camper bus but than I look at our Defender and think „no way“. Matschig Mike is performing quite well after the major repair in Switzerland last summer and I hope he will remain healthy as we still have many kilometers ahead of us.

After the cold comes the sun

Yep, after 2 days of bad weather the sun was back as if nothing had happened. An increase from (a felt) 10 degrees to 23 degrees over night made us forget the past. It was the perfect day to leave Rethymno on our way to explore the southwester part of Crete. Chania, which was on our way, demanded a stop. It was Saturday, market and hard to find a parking spot. After some hard work on the steering wheel maneuvering the small alleys we finally  managed to find a place near the old harbor. The rest was very relaxing. Blue sky, 20+ degrees, snow covered mountains in the distance and a perfect lunch at Salis just made our day.  Paleochora was next. The roads still showed the signs of the disastrous rainfalls some weeks ago and mudslides were still blocking the lanes. Paleochora is a very laidback village with a number of restaurants and a large sandy beach. Most the restaurants were still closed but the minimarket and bakery were open.

The Pink Beach

According to the travel guide the „Pink Beach“ in Elafonisi is a must see. The travel guide is right. This beach is amazing and the absence of hordes of tourists made it look even better. We spent some time walking, meditating and head standing before heading back to Heraklion where Camilla will catch a plane to go back to Germany for a couple of days.  Elafonisi is definitely a place where we wanted to stay longer. But who knows, we’re still gonna be around for some time.

One Life. Live It!

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