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Living a digital nomad’s life sometimes requires physical travel. This time I was given the opportunity to support the best ERP-vendor on earth (Mark, please read that twice) at the Hannover Messe. The weather in Hannover was better (and warmer) than in Crete but inside the exhibition halls it didn’t make any difference. I enjoyed working with a bunch of great people and the abas booth was really sticking out. The topic „Digital or Dead“ was well chosen and intended to convince medium sized companies that they don’t have to be afraid of digitalization. In the meantime the weather in Crete was everything but nice. With daily temperatures leveling around 7 degrees Celsius and lots of rain, Camilla and Joiz were having a rough time. Joiz hates rainy weather but still enjoyed his playtime with Lilly during the short dry breaks.  In the east of Crete the heavy rainfalls resulted in damaged roads and drowned animals. Not the kind of weather you’d expect in spring. Is climate change a hoax and all these anomalies are normal? I don’t think so. Mankind is the only species doing everything possible to extinct itself.

We’ve started to collect plastic garbage every time we take a walk on the beach despite the fact that we feel like Sisyphus. New garbage appears on the beach faster than we can collect it.

Easter time is ahead of us and all restaurants and hotels in Rythemnon are busy preparing for the first tourist season this year. The first deck chairs and sunbeams are out and heavy construction equipment is used to prepare the beaches for the hordes from the north. We will however take the ferry to Athens on the 13th which will end our 5 month excursion of Crete. Back on the greek mainland we’ll head for Korfu and hope for more stable weather conditions.

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