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Only 4 months to go and still so many things to do 🙂

Our Defender, which will become our home in October, will be tested over the months to come. We need to work out a better, more efficient storage scheme. The current Rako-Box System is nice but takes up too much space. We installed a small rack in front of the rooftop tent and are now looking for weatherproof storage box that can hold the camping chairs and some other equipment. Inside is still a mess and I’m not sure how to store all the stuff that we want/need to take along.

This last weekend we took off for a trip to Valbella to participate in a Running & Yoga Camp. What a great experience. Yoga sure can help to become a better runner and Valbella was a perfect place. Early mornings at the Heidsee have something mythical.




We left Valbella on monday to drive south to Ticino to a place called Molinzano di Monteggio. The weather was weird, heavy rain, thick fog and low temperatures gave us an autumn feeling. Arriving in Monteggio didn’t make it any better. The rainfall was some of the heaviest that I’ve experienced in years and we were afraid that the water level of the river might pass the critical landmark and flood the campground. On tuesday evening after almost 24 hours of heavy rainfall the sun came out  we could finally enjoy the outdoors again. Our Biolite, again proofed to be perfect.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we’ll head back north to the entrance of the Safien-Valley and explore the canyon of the Rhine river. Forecast looks pretty good and we’ll continue to test some of our equipment.



Our Biolite

Dinner Monteggio Style

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