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It‘s been 5 months since we started the journey into a new and (more) adventurous live. 5 months in which we‘ve been to 8 countries and stayed at over 40 locations. We‘ve met a lot of great people, some of which will remain good friends that we‘ll meet again. While the first couple of weeks felt like being on a holiday we now live the life of (somewhat digital) Nomads. Our next destination is mostly chosen by the weather report and/or our current mood. The country that we‘ve spend the most time in is Morocco. While the coast is mostly touristic and offers campgrounds providing high standards (and therefore filled with large numbers of western European RV‘s), going inland displays the other side of Morocco.

The countryside does not yet offer the number and standard of the campsites on the coast but it got us captured by the sheer beauty of the different landscapes. Harsh mountain regions are followed by open country and blooming almond trees. From Ouzoud and it‘s famous waterfalls we crossed the high Atlas mountains on our way to reach the Sahara desert near Merzouga. The mountain villages are far from the picturesque villages in Switzerland, Germany or Austria. In their single story clay houses their inhabitants live a frugal and simple life. Despite the rough conditions and mud filled roads, projects to improve the infrastructure are visible everywhere. Fast mobile networks are available even in the most rural areas and new roads are being build. What is consistent throughout, is the friendliness of the moroccan people. No matter where we stopped we always felt welcomed and very often we were invited for a tea (and chat).

During the last 5 months we‘ve gotten much closer and our relationship has strengthened even more. We spend 24 hours of the day together, we talk, we read and we don‘t miss television. We found out what is important to us and we‘ve gotten a (much) more differentiated view on life.

We now have another 4 weeks in Morocco before returning to Tarifa/Spain and I‘m sure that we‘ll enjoy every minute of it (despite the current sandstorm at the Erg Chebbi 🙂

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