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… sounds great and adventurous and it is – as long as the weather is ok.

It‘s different when its cold and rainiy and all you have is an awning to sit under. That’s the reason why we are zig-zaging the south of Morocco, always trying to escape bad weather. (Did I mention that Morocco is currently experiencing the coldest winter in decades?).

Despite the inconvenience caused by bad weather, we just love and enjoy to live this way. In the past 10 weeks (due to the weather patterns) we‘ve seen a lot of interesting places and met with many couples that have chosen a similar live-style. Things that used to be of great importance to us are now unimportant.Despite all the adventure we try to keep up with certain routines. Camilla is meditating and doing Yoga every day while I (try to) excercise on a more unregular basis. I know that my part needs to improve.

Spending 24/7 together on less than 5 square meters (including the roof top tent) works out much better than we thought. By spending every day outside we got much better in dealing with cooler temperatures (the hardest part is usually getting out of the warm and cozy sleeping bag in the morning).
We are now in Tafroute after visiting Anima (the garden owned and designed by Andrè Heller) and the „Paradis du Safran“, south of Marrakech. After the rain came back to the area north of the High Atlas we had to head south again. Tomorrow we‘ll leave for Boudnib approx. 800 Km to the east and near the Algerian Border.

As our permit for Morocco ends on 21 March we will than either continue to Fes and Tanger Ville or expand our permit for another month (if the weather in southern Spain doesn‘t get any better). But like I said, living a Nomad Life provides all options.

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