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The day greeted us with sunshine and moderate temperatures which makes life in the outdoors so much nicer.  After touring  Tingsryd, we found out that there wasn’t much to explore. – 2 Supermarkets, 1 Pizzeria, 1 Hotdog Stand and a liqueur store pretty much sums it up.

Back at the campground we decided to rent a canoe and take joiz for his first ride on the water. He took it like a dog –  brave and curious. Time flew by really fast and the intended sunset cruise in the canoe was given up in favor of the live performance of a “Troubador” at the local bar. We even participated in the music quiz (which actor, which year, who was the original artist and who did the most successful cover version, etc.). Peter got close to being threatened by a local because he couldn’t resist to google the answers using his iPhone. The local  dude didn’t like this way of cheating the quiz at all and gave him (very) bad looks. Peter in return gave up and we could leave the place unharmed. Well almost unharmed. The mosquitos fell in love with Peter again.


Camilla & Joiz


Canoe Tour

Thursday morning we decided to move on and go to the island of Gotland hoping to get the only ferry leaving during daytime. After a 3 hours drive we arrived in Oskarshamn and were lucky enough to catch the desired ride. If you want to bring your dog on board you need to purchase a ticket for the “animal lounge” which is a special section with luxury seating in front of the boat. Huge windows offered a perfect view and the 3 hours ride was hardly noticed. Arriving in Visby at 4:00pm the first campground turned us down (no electricity) which is why we crossed the island just to find a perfect place in Ljugarn. We love the relaxed atmosphere and camp just meters away from the sea. Guess we’ll stay here for a couple of days 🙂

Ljungarn Beach

Ljungarn Beach

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…should I go for another beer??



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