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… pics can be found at the end

The last chapter
After leaving Lefkada we spend a couple of days on the island of Corfu and next to the city of Corfu. The city of Corfu was filled with tourists spending the easter holidays and wondering why the weather in Germany, the UK on anywhere north of Greece and Italy was warmer and more sunny than in Greece. We explored the old city and had a good time despite the rather cool temperature. We left Corfu on April 22nd for Igoumenitsa to catch our ferry to Venice the next day. The passage to Venice was smooth and comfortable and we arrived at the new port of Venice in the morning of the 24th. From the Mediterranean Sea we crossed the Alps and went straight to Missem-Wilhams to spend the night in the beautiful Hotel Schäffler (which by the way is also a micro brewery). We loved the room (very stylish, very modern), the food (excellent) and the beer of course. Unfortunately we could only spend one night there as I had a business meeting in Mainz and Camilla some family business in Hannover.  I spend a full week in Mainz while Mike was getting his 200.000 Km Service and some repair at the 4×4 Farm in Mainz Hechtsheim. Let’s see what comes next. After Camilla returned from Hannover we spent Labor Day in Mainz. It was a perfect day starting with blues skies, warm weather and a 10k run along the rhine river. After a downtown breakfast we had a fun (and Prosecco) filled afternoon with Hans-Jürgen, owner of the bistro L’Angelo and his friend Marcel. By then we’ve been in Mainz for almost a week, a change from the original 3 days planned. We are grateful for the hospitality of our friends Uwe and Angelika and that we could extend our stay waiting for Mike to be repaired.

The next chapter
After traveling for over 18 months we are entering the next chapter of our „One Life – Live It Tour”. We decided to (temporarily?) interrupt our vagabond life and become local residents in Uzès for a year. After 2 weeks we already feel „home“. We found a new home, new friends  a new work environment and have new ideas and plans. But one after the other.

Renting the poolhouse from good friends in St. Quentin la Poterie we started to look for a furnished apartment in Uzès. It didn’t take us long and after a couple of days we signed a contract for an apartment in the heart of the old town in Uzès. Starting mid-August we’ll move into a 17th century building for 12 months. Through Workaway Camilla got in touch with Sarah and Benoit who are part of the committee organizing the Pois Chiche festival in Montaren. Besides finding new friends in Sarah and Benoit, Camilla got involved creating and setting up the decoration and providing a helping hand during the festival.  In the meantime I was working on my speech for the Digital-or-Dead roadshow in St. Gallen. Working by myself in the poolhouse I felt isolated and was curious to see if there’s a co-working space somewhere nearby. Lucky me, the Better Life Factory in Uzes is not only an award winning incubator but also the only company that offers co-working spaces in the French countryside. I met with one of the founders, Guillaume, the next day and (lucky again) he could offer a desk starting September. The location is right on the Place aux Herbes and less than 100m from our future apartment. It seems that everything is just coming together.

Oh, I forgot to mention our new ideas and plan, but I will spare that for later 😏

We are now prepared to tackle the next chapter of our journey.

One Life. Live It!

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