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… pics are at the end 😉

The best way to get to know new places is to go there.  The Allgäu is one of those places.

Wikipedia describes this region as follows: “The Allgäu is a region in Swabia in southern Germany. It covers the south of Bavarian Swabia, southeastern Baden-Württemberg and parts of Austria. The region stretches from the prealpine lands up to the Alps. The area is notable for its beautiful landscapes and is popular for vacations. It is well known in Germany for its farm produce, especially dairy products including Hirtenkäse (“herdsman’s cheese”) and Bergkäse (“mountain cheese”), a generic alpine product also from Austria and Switzerland. Besides tourism and dairy products, another important economic sector is the building of industrial equipment and machines. Fendt tractors, developed and produced in Marktoberdorf are one of the most famous products of the region.

My description is a bit shorter: The Allgäu is the place where men wear shirts reading “Real Men Drive Fendt” , the cows look happy, the sky is blue, the Wheat beer is cold and the people are friendly.

While Camilla and Joiz are spending a week in Urlau with her stepmother, I spend 2 days on a campground in Aitrach before driving to Switzerland to get Mike’s injectors replaced a 4×4 Manufaktur. Not willing to pay for the vignette to use the highway it takes more than 2  hours driving on secondary roads from the Austrian border to Dürnten. The injector replacement is done in less than one hour but I spent a full day driving back and forth.

The next stop is the campground at Badsee. Pulling into the given lot, my neighbor comments my arrival with the words „Finally something different“. It turns out that he likes Landrover Defenders and while setting up the awning I get the whole story on his 25 year old Volkswagen Camper conversion from Dehler. The car looks like it just came out of the showroom. On my second day I wake up because someone it stepping up on the ladder of the rooftop tent. Opening the vent I stare into Camilla’s face, paying me a surprise visit during her morning run. Her week in Urlau has already come to an end and after I pick her up we drive to Ingoldstadt to meet with our good friends Melli and Ralph. My vision of Ingolstadt consists of a large Audi factory and nothing else. It turns out that the city is very beautiful and has a lot more to offer than „just“ Audi. We meet with Melli in the center of town for coffee and afterwards seh gives us a tour of the city. We spend the evening barbecuing, lots of talking & laughing and some wine 😏.

Next stop Königswinter. Since we have some private business in the city we spend 2 nights in the Hotel right on banks of the Rhine river. The hotel is very nice but we are spoiled by sleeping in our rooftop tent. I wonder how we will manage to stay in an apartment for a longer period of time. Heading to Mainz for a monthly business meeting I notice that the driver seat is broken and I have to slip Camilla’s Yoga block and some books underneath to avoid sitting on the battery compartment. Do you know that it’s impossible to just buy a set of seats? Every dealer I call tells me that seats are manufactured per order and that it will take min. 6-8 weeks to get them. I almost give up and see me riding back to Uzés on a cork block and a pair of books so I give a last call to Ingo Kaufmann, owner of in Rosenheim. Ingo immediately gets in touch with Greiner GmbH, the manufacturer of Scheelmann seats and manages to squeeze a custom order for 2 seats into their production schedule. In less than 2 weeks we can pick them up directly at the factory. Ingo literally saved my ass.

After a stay in Dorsten, another stay in Königswinter, a stay in Nussdorf, a stay in Zweibrücken and another stay in Nussdorf (the Nussdorfer Weinkerwe is to good to miss) we are now at the Breitenauer See near Löwenstein. Our time in Germany is running up and if we manage to pick up our new seats in Pleidelsheim tomorrow we’ll be on our way back to Uzés.

One Life. Live It!

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